Friday, April 13, 2007

BBC - What a fu%$*&g disgrace

My hearty congratulations to the BBC and to Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse for sinking to the depths in their latest "comedy show". The highlight of the new agenda driven show was Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse portraying Laurel and Hardy.

The sketch climaxed with "Ollie" bending "Stan" over and buggering him. When their wives turned up apparently "Ollie's" penis was stuck inside "Stan's" arse and it's removal was accompanied by a cork popping sound.

Having been a fan of Laurel and Hardy all my life I am disgusted by this utter s*&t.

Having not heard much from Harry Enfield recently, I can honestly say that I hope I never hear from this c%$t again.

Congratulations to all who contributed to this depravity, just when you thought the BBC had plumbed the depths they show their utter contempt for decency.

Labour election fraud

In the run up to the local elections I thought I would post a link to this news item in the Times from a while back.

I am always amused when the main parties presume to lecture everyone on the criminality of a certain party without ever providing proof.

Fortunately there is a handy resource which lists the countless members and representatives of their parties that have committed offences, and in many cases very serious ones indeed.

It can be found here: Liars, Buggers and Thieves

It will be interesting to see whether this years elections will be free and fair or whether Nu Labour will continue to live up to it's reputation as the party that would disgrace a banana republic.

Labour election fraud ‘would disgrace a banana republic’

Thursday, April 12, 2007

They died proudly serving their country.

The four servicemen and women killed in Iraq last week. Clockwise from top left: Second Lieutenant Joanna Dyer, Private Eleanor Dlugosz, Corporal Kris O'Neill, Kingsman Adam Smith

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

News feed

Since we placed the news feed on the site it has thrown up a few interesting articles and I will unashamedly copy and paste a letter from the Hendon and Finchley Times. I am sure they will let us know if we shouldn't.

Whilst it is depressing to know that each day you get up and look at the news you find what may be considered another nail in the coffin of this once great country, it is heart warming to see that not all is lost:


Sanctimonious MP should look at his own party in racism debate

It's a bit rich of sanctimonious MP Andrew Dismore to lecture us all about racism when his New Labour Government has presided over the biggest rise in racial tensions that this country has ever seen.

The mass influx of hapless immigrants coming to the UK to find work are being cynically exploited by this government, not only as voting fodder to keep Labour permanently in power, but also as slave labour to suit New Labour's greedy and ruthless capitalist friends.

We only have to remember the Chinese cockle pickers, who died as a result of Labour's lack of protection for immigrant workers, to know who the real racists in our country are.

Incidentally, the anti-white racism and anti-Christian abuse in Britain today has resulted in a terrifying situation. The indigenous population and Christians in particular are now completely alienated, demoralised and discriminated against in their own country.

When New Labour came to power, there were only a handful of British National Party councillors and now there are more than 50.

So much for Mr Dismore and his so-called anti-racist' party.

Sarah Baxter

The buck stops with me.... now move on.

The defence secretary says he takes full responsibility for decisions which allowed the 15 sailors and marines held by the Iranians to sell their stories.
Des Browne, speaking for the first time since the row, said with hindsight he could have done things differently and said "ultimately, the buck stops here".

And ..... what now?

There was a time when taking responsibility meant actually just that, when the phrase "the buck stops here" preceded some sort of serious action and in all probability the resignation of the said individual.

Sadly, as with everything that is NU Labour, the usual conventions do not apply. Time and again they come on the television, apologise that things are not as they should be, tell us that lessons will be learnt and then go back to their troughs and produce more of the same.

As for Mr Cameron, we now hear what he thinks about the Government and MOD's initial decision to let the sailors sell their story. I guess we would have heard from him earlier but I suspect it took a couple of days for his focus groups to let him know what his opinion was.

Mr Browne is due to make a statement on Monday: for his handling of this debacle and for his complicity in the deaths of all our servicemen I hope he resigns, but I won't hold my breath.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

BBC News? Is there any point?

Scenes of violence outside mosque

Police have launched an investigation after violent clashes involving up to 200 people outside a mosque.

The clashes, which lasted five hours, followed tensions among people who use the mosque and is the second such incident in two years, police said.

Reading the story, it is very difficult to understand quite what is going on. Is it reporting that a group of Mosque - goers were attacked and the police are calling on the local community for calm OR is it that disparate groups of muslims engaged in fighting outside the Mosque for the second time in two years and the police are asking the muslim community for calm and good sense?

The answer would be easy if the BBC actually carried out it's role as a news service rather than a propaganda ministry.

Time will tell.

Monday, April 09, 2007

What a farce!

First they are not allowed to under MOD guidelines, then they are allowed to and now they are not!

Defence Secretary Des Browne said the Navy had faced a "very tough call" over its decision to allow the sailors among the 15 hostages to take payments in return for their accounts - the first of which were published today.
But he said everyone concerned recognised it had "not reached a satisfactory outcome" and lessons must be learned from a review of procedures ordered by the Ministry of Defence.
"I want to be sure those charged with these difficult decisions have clear guidance for the future," he said in his first comment on the controversy.

Clear guidance ....... NuLAbour........ Yet another example of Government by spin and focus groups.

You just couldn't make this lot up.

Labour 'facing large BNP challenge'

Jon Cruddas said the BNP was putting up 750 candidates - more than double the 350 it fielded in last year's local elections in England. Actually I believe it is 828!

The MP for Dagenham, east London, where the BNP won 11 council seats last year, said the BNP was "thriving" in some poor areas - particularly former Labour heartlands, where it was positioning itself as an alternative to the main parties. The BNP is thriving in plenty of areas, many of which are not poor at all as I am sure will be shown in the upcoming elections.

"The BNP is attempting to capitalise on peoples feelings of insecurity," he said.
Hmm, I wonder where this insecurity comes from?

"We have less than a month to convince people that the BNP represent a very real threat to communities and they should not be considered as a viable alternative to the mainstream parties or even to register a protest vote."

A threat to communities. I'm sorry Mr Cruddas but very few people are listening to you and your kind anymore. Why would we be interested in anything you have to say. We have had 10 years of Nu Labour during which time you could easily have convinced us that there is no viable alternative to your party by improving the country rather than turning it into the depraved lawless s&*t hole that it now is.

No, we have seen what it is to be run by Nu Labour, we have heard from both the other main parties that we could expect more of the same from them.

All this thugs, racist, sleaze anti-British crap you and your kind continue to spout doesn't wash anymore.

In the words of an honorable politician and patriot to his country:

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."

Your time is up.